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Normally, Faith, my service dog, eats at 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. As soon as the alarm sounds, she begins her ritualistic dance for her breakfast. The longer I take the more earnest she dances. It’s as if each waiting minute brings her closer to starvation. Her big brown eyes scrutinizing every move I make hoping the next one will be toward the kitchen.

Not long ago, after sleeping late, I awoke to the sight of wide-open eyes set in a black furry face propped on the edge of my bed staring intently into my eyes. Not getting the response she wanted, she laid back down on her bed.

When I casually got out of bed, Faith nonchalantly walked around my wheelchair and out the bedroom door. There was no frantic dance being performed, so I wasn’t in a big hurry to feed her. Then she came back in. Only half-paying attention, I saw her leave the room again. Only this time, she stopped a few steps past the doorway. Next, I heard the sickening sounds of her empty stomach revolting. Hugging and consoling her while it emptied itself of what little it still contained, the price of my procrastination stared back at me from the floor.

I went straight to the kitchen to feed her.

Watching her eat her physical food, brought to mind how important is our spiritual food. Each day, we need to nourish our spiritual bodies with God’s sustenance. His wisdom strengthens us as we go into the world and combat evil around us.

When we do not feed on His word, our spiritual stomachs rebel because it is empty of God’s wisdom. Procrastination tends to result in spiritual illness.

Thinking of Faith’s stomach rebelling from lack of physical nutrition, served as a reminder to keep my spiritual stomach nourished with God’s wisdom.

How do you stay filled with God’s wisdom?