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Christmas. Children can’t wait for it to come. Teenagers submit their Christmas present list expecting to receive their must-haves, which would cause parents to mortgage house and home. To most adults, Christmas translates to shopping, decorating, shopping, family gatherings, baking, shopping, special music, shopping, preparing the snow blower, shopping, traffic jams, special programs, shopping, gifts¼

My service dog, Faith, once again exemplifies the attitude we should have for this season. She is lying beside me. Her quiet, peaceful demeanor silently communicates how I should manage Christmas preparations.

Each day she focuses on my desires and eagerly fulfills them. A small treat is her reward for each task completed. The more she does, the happier she becomes and the faster her tail travels. Her eagerness to serve and her sincere happiness in doing so is CHRISTmas.

Christ came to serve, and we are to emulate Christ. In serving others, we receive sincere joy in return.

This Christmas what service can you do?