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Meaningful relationships take time. Time to be together. Time to learn about each other. Time to learn each other’s needs.

When Faith, my service dog, and I were first paired as a team, we were total strangers yet both wanted the same outcome. In her deep brown eyes, I saw her eagerness to please. Faith had learned skills, like picking something off the floor and giving it to her trainer. I needed her help so I could be more independent.

For six months after Faith and I finished our formal training, we were physically attached to each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It took some acclimation to remember to include Faith in everything I did. Spending all our time together, we learned a great deal about each other. Our new relationship deepened; now wanting to be with each other all the time.

Almost nine years later, we know each other intimately. We don’t allow each other out of our sight. When I encounter something new, my plan of action always includes Faith.

So it is when I first began my relationship with God. He was a stranger, but I wanted to get to know Him and I was eager to please Him.

Over time, the more I learned about God the more contented I became. I realized He was always by my side.

Today my response when faced with a new challenge is determined, in large part, by whether it would please God.

How close are you and God? Are you a team?