Silver links come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large and bold. Some are small and delicate. Some at first glance look unusable. No matter what the finished product looks like, they all began the same way, encumbered with dirt and filth.

In its original form, silver is almost unrecognizable. The Artisan seeing its potential extricates it from the impurities that hinder its usability. The purifying process is sometimes painful and difficult but necessary.

The Master Craftsman, in His unique way, fashions the pure silver according to His perfect plans. Some silver became strong, bold links. Their names are easily recognizable, shining forth His strong message. Down through the generations, their lives stand out as a brilliant reflection of His workmanship.

Some silver is fabricated into small, delicate links quietly fulfilling His plans for their lives, yet quickly forgotten by future links. Their presence in the Master’s chain remains strong holding past, present and future links together against the pull of the world trying to break the chain of God’s eternal plans.

There is silver the Master crafts into thin delicate thread so fine it is hardly noticeable. This silver is woven in, through and around all the links and pendants of all the ages. It attaches to the beginning clasp of time and will not end until it attaches itself to the final clasp signifying the end of time. The silver thread is the prayers of saints, which strengthens each link and supports the burdens carried by them for the rest of the precious metals still encased in selfish dirt and filth.

No matter how it is used, the Master Artisan sees potential in all His silver.